Sunday, August 23, 2015

AGRA strongly condemned the military attacks against the peasants in Urut Sewu, Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia

AGRA strongly condemned the military attacks against the peasants in Urut Sewu, Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia

Jakarta 23 August 2015

We still remember how brutal is Ahok administration in Jakarta. They recently attacked the residents of Kampung Pulo, East Jakarta in a massive eviction on 20 August 2015. Now we witnessed the brutality of military who on 22 August violently attacked the peasants of Urut Sewu village, Kebumen regency, Central Java, as they were demanding the military to stop putting up the fences on the peasants' lands, a step to land grabbing. The violence attack has caused at least fatal injuries of 4 peasants and tens others are being intimidated and under threat.

General Secretary of AGRA (Alliance of Agrarian Reform Movement), Rahmat Ajiguna, strongly condemned the military for their brutality against the people who only defended their right to the lands. Rahmat also mentioned that many people feel insecure from the terror that authorities can assume arbitrarily.
Such attacks have shown that Jokowi-JK (national) government is not democratic as they propagated. They are in fact undemocratic and against people. In less than a year of their post in the government, AGRA estimated at least 3 people were killed, 29 were harassed, and 52 were criminalized for defending their lands, not to include the recent attacks in both Kampung Pulo, Jakarta, and Kebumen, Central Java.

AGRA is aware that such cases will continue to rise, as the government will push hard to develop infrastructure under the masquerade of food sovereignty program. Such development is actually to serve and the pressure from foreign investment. Rahmat of AGRA also noticed that similar attack will likely happen to peasants in Wonosobo shortly.

Therefore, AGRA urged the government to stop the attack and terror unconditionally, and respect people rights by giving back the lands to the peasants, if the government is committed to settle the existing land conflicts. Moreover, Rahmat of AGRA also sent his message to peasants and people movement to strengthen their unity and solidarity in fighting against land grabbing and arbitrary attack from the authorities.

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